Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

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Future Trees Trust

General information about the project/initiative

Name of the Project/Initiative: Future Trees Trust
Acronym: FTT

General information about the organisation

Name: Teagasc
City: Dublin
Post Code: 17
Country: Ireland

Contact details of the person responsible for the project/initiative:

Name: Gerry C. Douglas
Phone number: 018459006

Description of the project/initiative

Domains covered by the project/initiative:

  • Forest genetic resources (FGR)

Number of partners: 7
Scope of the project: International
Initial motivation for starting the project/initiative: Providing improve germplasm of broadleaved trees

Actions which describe the project – Actions are ranked from 1 to 10

Breeding and producing cultivars/breeds (including pre-breeding) 1
Improving methodology (improving all the above, standardising, etc.) 5
Legal/policy matters (improving access, ABS, etc.) 4
Scientific research (analysing diversity, finding traits, etc.) 2
Promoting use (aiming at potential users) 3
Raising public awareness (aiming at the general public) 6

Budget and funding

Overall budget of the project/initiative (in Euros): 50,000
National government: 40%
Private: 60%
Comments: figures are approximate

Expected outcomes and communication


Improve/conserve genetic resource materials X
Scientific community X
Genetic resources conservation community X


Users of genetic resources such as breeders, farmers, industry X

Project/initiative to lead to the initiation of further projects/initiatives

– EC funded projects may emerge

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