Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

Reports & conclusions


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All reports which have be developed during the two preparatory actions are presented under this section. Some of these reports, the official deliverables, have been published by the European Commission on the EU Bookshop.

  • A detailed overview presents the actual trends in research in genetic resources per domain. This overview also contains a list of references based on an exhaustive literature review.
  • 20 Case study reports, drafted during the first preparatory action, provide concrete insights and good practices on the management of plant and animal genetic resources.
  • Seven (7) thematic workshops have been organised in between June 2015 and April 2016 (participation of more than 200 experts).
  • The final deliverables of each of the two preparatory actions present general conclusions and recommendations on how to improve the conservation and valorisation of genetic resources (available on the EU bookshop).
  • The booklet of the second preparatory action.
  • The e-Compendium presents the 21 valorisation projects that have been studied during the second preparatory action.
  • The main documents (strategy, implementation plan, implementation reports) of the four projects under analysis (Filderkraut, Gwell, Solina, Turopolje) provides useful information for any actor that wants to structure a project of valorisation.
  • The User guide presents  good valorisation practices based on the case studies analysed during the second preparatory action.