Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

e-Compendium of valorisation projects


This document has been produced in the context of the “Second Preparatory action on EU plant and animal genetic resources” which has been initiated by the European Parliament and financed by the European Commission.

This Compendium provides concrete examples of valorisation of rare breeds and neglected varieties in an economically viable way within the European Union.

This Compendium is targeted to all the stakeholders who are already involved in or are about to develop projects for the recovery and valorisation of neglected genetic resources in the EU, including scientific communities, farmers, food processors and public institutions.

It provides concrete and valuable descriptions for 56 projects from almost all the EU countries, focused on the valorisation of different types of livestock (28 projects) and plant (28 projects) species and varieties. For each project a short description is provided of the identified success factors but also of the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered during the project implementation, with the objective to provide sorts of “lessons learned” for other similar situations.

Finally, by presenting a wide variety of projects different in terms of scope, type of products involved, organisation and success factors, the compendium aims at providing readers also inspirational examples for the development of new projects.

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