Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

21 Case studies on conservation and valorisation of genetic resources collected during the first preparatory action


1) Swiss vegetables and supply chain development (Switzerland): Presentation of ProSpecieRara (PSR) that in cooperation with Coop, has developed a professional supply chain for traditional varieties.

2) A case study on lentils (Germany)This case study presents long-term field testing on lentils.

3) Genebank for wild plants for nutrition and agriculture (Germany)Ex situ conservation of crop wild relatives (CWR) and other wild plant genetic resources.

4) Conservation of sweet cherry varieties in Hagen (Germany)Establishment of a genebank collection in the form of a cherry variety garden by a network coordinated by the municipality of Hagen in Germany.

5) Nordic Food: The Nordic Food Manifesto concept that been initiated in 2004 by famous chefs from different Nordic countries.

6) AEGILOPS: Greek network for biodiversity and ecology in Agriculture.

7) RAF Tomatoes: Development of the RAF tomato in Spain.

8) Production and valorisation of the traditional variety “Tomate de Colgar” in Spain.

9) Breedwheat: Public private partnership in France on wheat.

10) Turopolje pig breed: Breeding activities of the Nature Park breeding in Croatia.

11) Microbial culture collection: Institute of Sciences of Food Production based in Bari in Italy.

12) Monteleone di Spoleto Emmer: Project aiming at fostering the economic revival of the Monteleone di Spoleto Emmer in Italy.

13) Eternal Moes: National network that aims to maintain and grow old agricultural varieties.

14) Landrace inventories in Portugal: Case study that shows the Importance of collaboration between scientific, research and policy makers in a research context.

15) NordGen: Example of regional collaboration encompassing the Nordic countries.

16) Beer brewed from heritage barley: John Innes Centre and Sunderland University have re-discovered a Victorian barley variety.

17) Crop for the Shop: Increasing the consumption of local food products at a fair price.

18) Slow Food: Overview of Slow Food with a focus of activities in the Netherlands and in Italy.

19) Future Tree Trust: Project with the objective to improve the timber quality of broadleaved trees planted in the UK and Ireland.

20) Presentation of the SAVE Foundation.