Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

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ARDEAR Rhone-Alpes

Contact details

Address: 58 RUE RAULIN-LYON-69007-France
Legal Status: Association ou fondation




Cereals Potatoes
Grasses Beets (sugar, fodder)
Legumes Oil crops
Fibre crops Vine
Vegetables Fruits
Ornamental crops Model plants (arabidospsis, medigaco spp, etc.)

Type of material maintained:

Modern breeds and varieties Traditional breeds and varieties Populations Other(s)

Type of material stored:

Living collections Sperm Egg cells Seeds Tissue cultures Cells Other(s)

Collection description:

Objectives and identity



Duplication of material and documentation

Overall viability level of your collection

Storage conditions of the collection

    Access and distribution conditions

    Providers Recipients

    Distribution of material (per year)

    Budget and funding

    Funding sources (in %)

    Funding allocation (in %)

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