Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture



Seven workshops have been organised in between June 2015 and April 2016. A total of more than 200 experts have participated to these events.

The objectives of the seven (7) workshops were to discuss specific thematic issues identified during the first preparatory action. The conclusions of presentations of the workshops are presented below.

1) Better integration of ex situ and in situ approaches towards conservation and sustainable use of GR at national and EU level: from complementarity to synergy.  Conclusions  and  presentations:  R.Bocci and G. Gandini.

2) FGR in Europe in a changing climate: challenges and needs for conservation: Conclusions and presentations: A.Rudow,  S. de Vries and T. Myking.

3) Exploring the need for a pan-European network and infrastructure for the conservation and sustainable use of MiGRs in food and agriculture: Conclusions and presentations: A. SonnenbergG. Verkley and A. Benedetti & L. Canfora.

4) The impact of climate change on the conservation and utilisation of crop wild relatives in Europe: Conclusions.

5) Genetic resources for value chain developmentConclusions and presentations:  C. BantleB. BarthaP. DieryckxVisscherC. DucheneS. KarjalainenK. Rapf,  D. Traon & S. Winkel and C. Zimmer.

6) Access to genetic resources in the European Union: Conclusions.

7) Implementation of FAO Global Plans of Action: Which role for the European Commission? Conclusions and presentations: D. BojkovskiS. De VriesM. GroenewaldA. Schneegans (intro) (EU activities)S. Schröder.