Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

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Agricultural and Vegetable databases, SASA

Type of genetic resources

  • Plant genetic resources (PGR)

Contact details of the database/inventory

Name: John Kerr
Address: Edinburgh EH12 9FJ UK
Phone number: +441312448945
Email Website

Contact details of IT manager of the database

Name: Tom Christie
Address: Edinburgh EH12 9FJ UK
Phone number: +441312448961

Database history

Date of establishment of the DB: Before 1980
Motivations for the creation of the DB: SASA holds accessions and information relating to them of agricultural and vegetable crop varieties grown in Scotland, the UK and EU for national listing and seed certification purposes.

Database content

Predominant geographic origin of the material in the DB: EU
Type of collections/populations stored in the DB:

  • ex situ

Total number of accessions documented:

  • 400

Type of data included in the database:

  • Registration
  • Passport data
  • Phenotypic data
  • Use data
  • Viability data

Evolution of the number of records over the last 10 years: Small increase

Database usage

Average yearly number of users:

Internal users: 8
External users: 1000

User interface


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