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Identification and preservation of genetic diversity in stallion lines in the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook

Start date: 04/01/2014 > Completion date: 11/30/2014

General information about the project/initiative

Name of the Project/Initiative: Identification and preservation of genetic diversity in stallion lines in the Kerry Bog Pony Studbook

General information about the organisation

Name: Kerry Bog Pony Society
Country: Ireland

Contact details of the person responsible for the project/initiative:

Name: Mary McGrath

Description of the project/initiative

Domains covered by the project/initiative:

  • Animal genetic resources (AnGR)

Number of partners: 2
Scope of the project: National
Initial motivation for starting the project/initiative: Efforts have been made in recent times to preserve and promote this breed, however due to the small number of breeding males and females, pro-active conservation is essential. Recently a National Genetic Conservation Strategy document was produced for Irish rare breeds and recommended cryopreservation of germplasm as a complementary measure to in-situ-in-vivo conservation. Furthermore, it was recommended that donor animals for cryopreservation be selected carefully from the population; identification of donors to maximise genetic diversity of the semen pool was one recommendation.

Actions which describe the project – Actions are ranked from 1 to 10

Managing genetic resources (collecting, conserving, maintaining, regenerating, optimising composition, etc.) 1
Breeding and producing cultivars/breeds (including pre-breeding) 2

Budget and funding

Overall budget of the project/initiative (in Euros): 5850
National government: 100%

Expected outcomes and communication


Improve/conserve genetic resource materials X
Genetic resources conservation community X


Users of genetic resources such as breeders, farmers, industry X

Project/initiative to lead to the initiation of further projects/initiatives

– This will provide a starting point for other rare national breeds

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