Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

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Government of Environment

Contact details

Address: Ghammieri Government Farm, Ngiered Road-Marsa-MRS 3303-Malta
Legal Status: Public Entity 0




Cattle X Maltese cow Partridge
Chicken X Maltese chicken Pheasant
Duck Pig
Goat X Maltese goat Pigeon
Goose (domestic) Quail
Guinea fowl Rabbit X Wild rabbit
Horse Turkey

Other(s): Maltese sheep


Cereals X Vetch, chickpeas, sulla, wheat, barley, cikkarda Potatoes
Grasses Beets (sugar, fodder)
Legumes X french beans Oil crops
Fibre crops Vine
Vegetables X watermelons, melons, tomatoes, longmarrows, vegetable marrows, cauliflowers Fruits X pears, apples, bambinella, plums, pomegranate, kumquat, nectarines, peaches, oranges, sweet and sour almonds
Ornamental crops Model plants (arabidospsis, medigaco spp, etc.)

Other(s): cotton

Type of material maintained:


Modern breeds and varieties Traditional breeds and varieties Populations Other(s)


Type of material stored:

Living collections Sperm Egg cells Seeds Tissue cultures Cells Other(s)


Collection description:

Date of start of the collection/population: 1991 – 2000
Expected period of maintenance of the collection (in years): > 25
Size of the collection (number of breeds): 6
Percentage of female animals: 75%
Evolution of the size of the collection (last 10 years): ↗ < 20%

Objectives and identity

Geographic origin of the material in the collection: EU
Population management:

  • ex situ
  • on-farm

Objective of maintaining the collection/population:

Conservation Research Breeding Training Awareness raising Other(s)



Use of available technical guidelines (e.g. FAO) No
Use of unique identifier No
Use of a documentation system Yes Gov official documentation
Collection as part of a larger documentation system Other: N/A
Document passport data No
Other(s) N/A


Duplication of material and documentation


Viability testing of stored material: No
Diagnosis of the presence of pests and diseases, or contaminations: Frequently
Transgene detection: No
Regeneration/multiplication: No
Molecular analysis (e.g. DNA sequencing or fingerprinting): No
Evaluation of useful traits: No


Overall viability level of your collection


Storage conditions of the collection

  • Living field bank
  • Living population(s)

Access and distribution conditions

Providers Recipients
No written agreement No written agreement

Distribution of material (per year)

Budget and funding

Yearly budget for the collection (in euros): < 10,000

Funding sources (in %)

National government 100%

Funding allocation (in %)

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