Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

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Genetic Conservation

Start date: 04/01/2000 > Completion date: 03/31/2015

General information about the project/initiative

Name of the Project/Initiative: Genetic Conservation

General information about the organisation

Name: Forestry Commission
City: Edinburgh
Post Code: EH12 7AT
Country: UK

Contact details of the person responsible for the project/initiative:

Name: Jason Hubert
Phone number: 3000675128

Description of the project/initiative

Domains covered by the project/initiative:

  • Forest genetic resources (FGR)

Number of partners: 3
Scope of the project: National
Initial motivation for starting the project/initiative: Climate change made us realise that we needed to know more about the adaptive potential within our woodlands. What should foresters be planting now given the fact that the trees will be growing for at least 50years?

Actions which describe the project – Actions are ranked from 1 to 10

Managing genetic resources (collecting, conserving, maintaining, regenerating, optimising composition, etc.) 1
Scientific research (analysing diversity, finding traits, etc.) 2
Promoting use (aiming at potential users) 3
This is an on-going field which is looking at the levels of adaptive variation within our native tree species. This information can then be used to provide practical advice on the conservation and use of these species.

Budget and funding

Overall budget of the project/initiative (in Euros): 300,000
National government: 90%
Other(s): 10%
Comments: EU projects have contributed over the lifetime of the project.

Expected outcomes and communication


Increase knowledge X
Improve/conserve genetic resource materials X
Scientific community X


Users of genetic resources such as breeders, farmers, industry X

Project/initiative to lead to the initiation of further projects/initiatives

– I expect that this project will continue in our next funding round from 2015-19

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