Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

About Filderkraut in Germany


The Filderkraut cabbage has traditionally been grown in the Filder area for centuries. It is appreciated for its delicious flavour, both fresh and preserved in sauerkraut. But the Filderkraut is now under threat from the recent development of modern varieties of cabbage. These new varieties bring uniformity to farmers’ fields but endanger traditional crops, leading to loss of biodiversity.

Making Filderkraut sustainable !

The Filderkraut project’s strategy is to safeguard varieties of Filderkraut cabbage by increasing volume of production. Through its implementation plan, the project aims to:

  • Support cultivation and secure production of historic varieties of cabbage by local farmers to prevent extinction;
  • Ensure market access by registering these varieties in catalogues of conservation varieties and of vegetables with no intrinsic value;
  • Set up an integrated communication and marketing strategy for all members of the project team to develop commercial activities. This includes the  creation of new marketing channels for fresh cabbages, such as selling on local markets.

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