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About the Turopolje in Croatia


The Turopolje pig is one of the oldest breeds of European pig, named after the Turopolje region in Posavina, Croatia where it originates. It is small and hardy with a very distinctive pattern of black spots. It was one of the commonest breeds of pig in Croatia until intensive pig farming in the mid-20th century.

The Turopolje project aims to restore numbers of the pig, by developing a comprehensive plan topreserve the breed in an economically sustainable way. This  is done through the development of a range of marketable processed products with a link to tourism in Posavina.

Making Turopolje pigs sustainable !

The objectives of the project (see the strategy) are to:

  • Develop a range of processed products;
  • Increase and stabilise the numbers of pigs reared at breeding farms in the area of Turopolje;
  • Obtain a national trademark for the traditional products derived from Turopolje pigs;
  • Grow the market for these products, starting with commercialisation in the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, which plays a crucial role in promoting the breed locally and supporting the project.

These objectives are translated in an implementation plan.

Watch the video on the project !

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