Preparatory actions on EU plant and animal genetic resources in agriculture

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Genetic Resources Grant Aid Scheme

Start date: 01/01/1996

General information about the project/initiative

Name of the Project/Initiative: Genetic Resources Grant Aid Scheme
Acronym: GRGAS

General information about the organisation

Name: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
City: Co. Kildare
Post Code: N/A
Country: Ireland

Contact details of the person responsible for the project/initiative:

Name: Cara Mac Aodháin
Phone number: 00353-1-6302908

Description of the project/initiative

Domains covered by the project/initiative:

  • Plant genetic resources (PGR)
  • Animal genetic resources (AnGR)
  • Forest genetic resources (FGR)
  • Microbial and Invertebrate genetic resources (MIGR)

Number of partners: 12
Scope of the project: National
Initial motivation for starting the project/initiative: The initial motivation for starting the project was to co-ordinate efforts for the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources following the CBD being adopted in 1992. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine dealt with conservation and utilisation of genetic resources within agriculture and forestry and this scheme was initiated under the supervision of an advisory committee which contained expertise and representation from a diverse number of fields including government, research organisations, universities, NGO’s and farming bodies.

Actions which describe the project – Actions are ranked from 1 to 10

Managing genetic resources (collecting, conserving, maintaining, regenerating, optimising composition, etc.) 7
Generating information (phenotyping, genotyping, etc.) 8
Managing information (databasing, interfacing, etc.) 5
Improving methodology (improving all the above, standardising, etc.) 6
Building capacity (involving GR collection managers) 2
Scientific research (analysing diversity, finding traits, etc.) 3
Promoting use (aiming at potential users) 4
Raising public awareness (aiming at the general public) 1
Genetic Resources Grant Aid Scheme has been in place since 1996 and is an annual scheme which is operated to promote the conservation and sustaninalbe use of genetic resources. It covers all areas of genetic resources including: animals, plants, forestry, aquatics and mircorganisms and invertebrates. Applications for funding are examined by an evaluation committee which then make recomendations to an Advisory Committee on the projects that are (most) suitable for funding. The Advisory Committee consists of experts right across the different areas covered by the scheme and includes the farming bodies, NGO’s, Research institutions and universities and government.

Budget and funding

Overall budget of the project/initiative (in Euros): 65000
National government: 100%

Expected outcomes and communication


Increase knowledge X
Improve/conserve genetic resource materials X
Scientific community X
Genetic resources conservation community X


Final consumers X
Policy makers X
Users of genetic resources such as breeders, farmers, industry X

Project/initiative to lead to the initiation of further projects/initiatives

– This is an annual scheme and it is expected that this scheme will continue into the future

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